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Construction Data Trust

The Construction Data Trust is a not-for-profit which brings together data from across the industry, collaboratively and securely. Its aim is to reform how projects are managed, and provide the confidence to deliver them successfully.

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The Problem

Projects create a rich seam of data that codifies our collective hard won delivery experience.​

But that data often dissipates as an exhaust plume rather than a source of insight. ​

The data is of variable and often unknown quality. It is misaligned to the challenges that we are trying to solve. ​


Use Cases

The Construction Data Trust can solve a diversity of use cases for clients, suppliers and vendors.

For Clients

For Clients and Suppliers

For Clients

Our Services

Our Services

We provide a range of services centred on improving the value of data.

Data Aggregation

Providing the ecosystem to securely pool and combine data. The Trust’s core service.

Insights Reports

Producing and commissioning reports to derive insights from the data that is hosted within the trust. 

Facilitating Data Access

Facilitating access to data for key stakeholders whilst safeguarding the interests of data providers and members. 

Use Case Alignment

Capturing the key problem statements that affect the industry then assessing whether we have the data to answer them.

Data Model

Providing thought leadership to shape and steward a project delivery ontology, data model and associated taxonomies.

Data Quality Assessment

Developing the data pipelines to assess and provide feedback/insights on data quality. Benchmarking data quality. 


“Projects need good data to appropriately track programme performance, but the underlying data which communicates progress can be poor.”​

The Public Account Committee’s report on Lessons from major projects and programmes ​

Construction Data Trust Home Page BG (1).png

Ready to find out more?

The Data Trust is in early stages. We are keen to engage, collaborate and explore opportunities across the construction industry. Download our brochure for more information.

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