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The Golden Thread

When  projects are delivered they create a golden thread of data that others will need to reassure themselves that the project outputs are safe and can be appropriately maintained. The CDT offers the capability to securely pool this data for the benefit of clients and broader society.

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Responding to the Hackitt report to create a golden thread on the information:

  • about a building that allows someone to understand a building and keep it safe, and

  • management to ensure the information is accurate, easily understandable, can be accessed by those who need it and is up to date.

Capturing information throughout the construction process.

Facilitating the creation and democratisation of tools and capabilities to enable consistency in how the golden thread is developed.

Integrating other data alongside that required to satisfy regulatory requirements to enable developments in safety/wellbeing, carbon and productivity. An integrated data set that reaches from clients across the supply chain.

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