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About the Data Trust

Our Mission

Transforming the construction industry by unlocking the value in project data.

Our Vision

  • To be the ‘go to’ place for construction industry data and insights.

  • To be a community resource that enables the construction industry to accelerate transformation in delivery of the UN SDGs.

  • To be the leading digital resource where organisations can collaborate to benchmark performance and unlock enterprise knowledge

What the Construction Data Trust is

It is a legal structure whereby trustees provide independent stewardship of construction data. The intention of the trust is to join together data from projects so that approved parties can leverage insights from it in a secure, access controlled manner. It is managed by the trustees who will ensure data providers maintain control over their data and inform how it will be used.

Why Get Involved?

The Data Trust is a flagship initiative delivering on the 5 missions of the UK National Data Strategy.

It creates value by helping to accelerate towards ambitious objectives such as Net Zero Carbon. Gain access to clean data that will unlock the barriers to advanced analytical insight and machine learning. Join the collaborative effort looking to solve emerging challenges and improve performance, productivity and safety within construction.

The Importance of Data Security

Data security is critical for the trust. The data steward combines ISO27001 accreditation with graph database technology to ensure that data is appropriately controlled. It can be segmented, permissioned and anonymised at every level.

How Can you Join?

The Trust is currently in the early stages of development. Therefore, we are not yet open for membership. We are looking to build the data trust offering by onboarding new projects, which will increase the volume and quality of data in the trust. 

If you would like to join an existing project or have an idea for a new project, please

reach out below.

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