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Creating sustainable value from project delivery data.

Projects create a rich seam of data that codifies our collective hard won delivery experience. But that data often dissipates as an exhaust plume rather than a source of insight.


The data is of variable and often unknown quality. It is misaligned to the challenges that we are trying to solve.


By using advanced data analytics, we have the potential to extract insights that would otherwise have been unimaginable. But no single organisation has the volume or scope of data to unlock these insights.


An independently stewarded data trust provides an opportunity to securely exchanges data for the benefit of the collective and broader society.


By sharing data, we create a tide that lifts all the boats. We benchmark data, create the data model that connects this data, provides a common language/definitions and open opportunities for rapid innovation.


By sharing good practice, we create capacity within the sector to drive further improvement; A positive feedback loop that works in the interests of all.


We drive up delivery productivity, delivery more for less with greater confidence. We make projects more investable.

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