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Leveraging Hard Won Experience

When projects are undertaken they create a rich seam of data that codifies the hard won experience of the team. The client often struggles to access and leverage this experience; it is regarded as an exhaust plume rather than an asset. It is also scattered across the supply chain, using inconsistent data formats and standards. This impacts productivity and results in the reoccurrence of avoidable mistakes.

Data capture and aggregation.

  • Securely integrate data from across the supply chain

  • Ingest data into the CDT for future use.

  • Assess data quality metrics on ingestion to inform reuse.

Data alignment.

  • Match the data against the data model and assess alignment.

  • Provide feedback on how to improve data collection to maximise opportunities to leverage it. 

Data access.

  • Provide appropriate 3rd party access to the data commensurate with risk of data release.

  • Anonymise, aggregate, pseudonymise as appropriate.


  • Facilitate development of insights.

  • Assist organisations with integrating data to maximise learning from experience.

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